Sunday, February 26, 2006

He's Got Control

So, actor Sam Riley has been cast by Anton Corbijn as Ian Curtis in the forthcoming biopic Control. The grapevine has Samantha Mortan cast as Deborah Curtis. Riley is in the Leeds band, 10,000 Things. This (fortunately) dispels the notions that Jude Law was to play Curtis - this rumor is an old one, and most unlikely at best. Thank god we don't have to laugh our way through that one. Now, this could almost be a respectable production, thought, admittedly, I know very little of these 10,000 Things. But hey, this is a film site, NOT a music one. Now we can pour all of our suffering into watching Nicole Kidman do her best (which is inevitably the worst) Diane Arbus in Fur.

Why, God, why?


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