Monday, February 13, 2006

Out this week: In Theaters, on DVD, on my TV...2/14

Golden Girls: Season 4 DVD set comes out tomorrow, so OF COURSE it is the pick of the week. Gotta love the girls. And, may I add, I was watchin' the girls in my formative years, BEFORE all of the WeHo Homos were watching them in ironic retrospect.

The new DVD pick of the week for films is Benji the Hunted because, I mean really, what can live up to GG? Here is a comment someone left on the Benji site: "My cat loves this film by - Yahtzee (Sat Dec 24 2005 05:29:55 ) Seriously, shes sitting on the armchair with her paws crossed and her eyes are fixated on the tv. I've never seen her do anything like that before." Seriously.

I'd recommend Saw II, but I'm almost certain Benji the Hunted will be better. Would you really expect me to recommend Proof? Sorry. No can do. Though I wouldn't mind watching Gwenneth Paltrow in this scenario pictured right.

In theaters this weekend, we may find the Russian, everything but the kitchen sink style horror film, Nightwatch. It could giddy fun or entirely too many effects and not enough of anything else (my assumption leans to the latter, but maybe we shall find otherwise). In any case, I'll keep you posted...

Get it, posted.

Okay. That's enough.


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