Thursday, February 16, 2006

Muffin of the Month for February 2006!!!

Oh yes, Jason Statham certainly deserves the first title as "Muffin of the Month!" If you are unaware of the lineage or derivation of the "Muffin of the Month," click here. Having not seen some of his earlier incarnations in films like, Snatch, Ghosts of Mars, The Italian Job or Cellular, I was quite pleasantly surprised when I went to see Transporter 2 on a whim and was treated to the refreshingly polite and sensitive Frank Martin. Statham can play it cool yet maintains a humanity and empathy that is rare in Action films. Even rarer still is his sophistication. This is a man of good tastes who plays by the rules but is still, to quote LA Weekly's Scott Foundas, "built like a brick shit-house." Doing most of his own stunts, Statham's agile physical prowess seems more suited for a dancer than a mega-action hero. His performance alone was worthy of my (admittedly surprising) claim that Transporter 2 was the third best film this year. The gleeful explosions and magnificently absurd stunts were just the icing on the cake. Let's hope that Statham doesn't get all Arny on us with the success that he is greatly gaining as an action star. He is on the cover of Men's Health this month, dripping poolwater off of his ripped chest. Here's hoping it doesn't go all to his head, because that's not the main reason we like him in the first place!


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