Thursday, July 08, 2010

Good Stuff on Kelis over at Fanzine

Drift on over to the Fanzine to read my epic re/overview of Kelis' career, including her recent stint as dance dive on the just-released Flesh Tone. The following quote, which I found today on (I think?) didn't make its way to me in time to be part of my claim, but I think it speaks to the piece - and to Kelis' particular strength amid the other popstars out there. "I recorded it at home and I recorded it, like, literally laying on my couch. It's just the most comfortable way to possibly record an album with, like, snacks next to me," Kelis laughed. "It was awesome."

And as a nice little personal/geek out anecdote, I walked past her on the street today! All the stars felt well in alignment like in that John Cusack movie...


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