Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Being Made High

The new Kelis vid dropped last week and it's a swell one. It's a tad cheesy but in a really game and inclusive way. The rave lights move towards the end trigger surpressed and frightful highschool memories that would best be left untouched. Leave it to Kelis. I'll be publishing a lengthy Kelis over/review soon at The Fanzine, but what better way to tide you over than the thing, itself?

"...The highlight of the album is its new single, '4th of July (Fireworks)' which comes on like a mid-90s dance song in its use of repetition. It's surprising at first, but with precious few words [60] and a 6-minute length, this one really takes you in for a spin, if you let it. It's a ballsy move, being this formally futurist-retro as to quote from a format that defined a rather recent counter-cultre. But it pays off..."


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