Monday, May 17, 2010


I love it, quite a
mature sound! Its got No 1.
written all over it.
I just love it!!!!
It sounds incredibly beautiful!!!!!!
Love it. Best Kylie song
for years and nice
for Kylie just to be herself
I adore it!
I am so happy and
can't wait to
discover the video, then the album.
Kylie is back!
LOVE IT!! I am so glad
I held off listening
to the LQ clips going around.
It helped build the excitement.
Was worried it wouldn't live
up to the hype.
But even after first listen the chorus is in your head.
yeah, chorus def keeps going
round and round
your head afterwards
It's amazing how I didn't
like the original loop that was put
on .com
as the announcement and now it's the BEST part of the whole song!!
Playing it on repeat
it get's better with each play!!
Definitely a grower!!
Love it, too.
It's like Ultimate
all in one song!
Classic Kylie, classic POP!
Big thumbs up from me
Great track!
Totally adore it!!
Such an amazing song!
THe chorus is absolutely
STUCK in my head atm!
It's one of those songs,
that the words are easy to memorise,
so not only can you hum it,
but you can sing it,
str8 after first listen!
Love it!

its great but
it won't braek any of CGYOOMH records
i think
I just adore it.Beautiful and a real anthem.
Can you imagine in a club or party
when the orgasmic 2 minute point kicks in?
Can anyone confirm when we can actually download it?
I really, really like it.
I'm not an insane fan of the synthetic sound
we got in the teaser which is the build up.
When you listen really loud at the song
it becomes noisy and actually annoying
(maybe I'm just old).
Everything else is just wonderful.
I love the lyrics, the feeling, the vocals
(could be stronger even)
and the general tone of the song
Freaking love it...
I wanted another IBIY and
I got it...
exactly! thank god
i didn't listen to that lq version!
Can't wait for the album
its gonna be a ripper!
Let's call a spade a spade.
It's fucking brilliant.
When can we actually download it?
I shall wait until it's official.
such an emotional
pure kylie pop anthem !
Absolutely wonderful- a beautiful
(and more mature sounding)
love song set to a great dance track.
It's as good as the hype suggested,
possibly the best of her Parlo years!!

Today, Kylie has made us all very proud
ATL lovers will be No1
if we all stick togever
and buy it :-)
mmm Don't know,
I prefer ATL than CGYOOMH.
This song can be her new anthem i'm sure
Wish I had held off
from listening to the LQ as
that gave me goosebumps.
So it lessened the impact
of the first play
but I LOVE IT even more.
Ripped onto itunes already
but will
of course
download on the 13th June too
it is absolute magic,
there is no other
way to describe it!
The anticipation now
for aphrodite
will kill me!
Cannot get over it!
It's just SOOOO good!
Not just saying that 'cause it's Kylie
because there's loads of her stuff
I don't like
but this?
I love every part of it,
the whispers,
the part from the original announcement,
the chorus,
the vocals,
the lyrics,
the end,
Cannot wait for some amazing remixes,
and the sure to be gorgeous video!
Practically bursting with excitement,
Just having the song has not made me content,
definitely made me want the album MORE!
Just amazing.
It's fresh,
it's hypnotic,it's beautiful vocally.
The middle 8 is perfect and then
it literally is an eargasm as it explodes.
I actually LOVE it.
Roll on the rumoured* Stuart Price preview mix of the album tomorrow.
* as in I just read it somewhere!
already ripped onto itunes.
I can't wait to the 13th June.
But I will download it then
and buy the single
(as I ALWAYS have).
Loving it.... !
Loving it.... !
Its fantastic!!
It really is emotinal pop
as Kylie says,
it kind of grabs you
in the way IBIY did and
"With every heartbeat" from Robyn
Love it.
hope its Kylies FORTH decade
with a number one
I think it's a very,
very pleasant song.
it's let down by the lack
of a proper middle eight
and I can't help but shake the feeling
that it's just
It's also far too similar to
"I Believe In You", yet not as striking.
Popjustice, Jake Shears, Dannii et al
can blather on all they want about how
and "earth shatteringly brilliant" it is,
but at the end of the day,
it simply *isn't*.
It's just a good Kylie song.
Far from her worst, but crucially,
far from her best also.
I hope I'm proved wrong,
but I genuinely don't think this is going to be
the "smash hit" they think it'll be.
It's far too understated and polite.
It's a pefectly lovely album track,
or 4th single even,
but a big comeback single?
7 out of 10
What can i say?
It's already a Kylie classic <3.
I think i actually experienced
an involuntary orgasm while listening to it .
Can't stop playing on YouTube!!!
Love it!!!
IBIY 2??
Loves it!!!
I like it but wasn't blown away.
It's been ridiculously hyped
on here.
It couldn't live up to it.
I think it will be a grower
but massive number one???
I'm not sure
Truely amazing,
better than expected, the best part
is the spoken part that leads into that great instrumental
It's wonderful...
you know within the first 5 seconds
that it's going to build into the room-shaking anthem
that it is.
A perfect return to form...
and her voice is sounding great.
Number 1 for sure.
I am so sick of sites like Popjustice
hyping songs up
to a completely unreal extent.
Then you hear the song and just think
" that it?".
They've got to try and reign in their hyperbole
a bit
and keep it only for songs
that truly deserve it.
One of the best things about it.
Is that you can't tell it's a Stuart Price production.
Hopefully the rest of the album
is as good.
Can't wait to hear
the WAWA mix.
It's amazing, isn't it,
think I've played about
10 times already...
Still, can't get into the chorus,
but the verses are catchy as hell,
and that middle 8 breakdown
with the build up after it.
It will be a big radio hit in the UK and Europe,
I can feel it.
Whether it will be a hit on the charts
is another question all together,
it's all up to the video now.
Remember that in Kylie's case
videos have always been
50% percent
responsible for the actual success of the track.
This has got to be one
of the most euphoric days
in Kylie Fan Kingdom!!!
It's quite good.
The vocals are excellent.
The lyrics reasonably substantial.
The production is great
except for that irritating "I Believe In You" type
of recurring synth-y melody which
REALLY spoils the track for me.
Again it's got that kind of
fluffiness about like I Believe In You
(one of Kylie's worst singles IMO)
Certainly nothing outstanding,
unless it hopefully grows on me.
I pretty much agree with you
that sound IS annoying
Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it!!!!
Aren't you glad we
didn't ruin it with
LQ clips beforehand?
I almost caved a few times,
but so glad I waited
Its amazing
i love it reminds me
of made of glass
Couldn't agree more.
The hype amongst certain people
has been so OTT.
So very very glad
I nearly caved...
it was this morning!
But I made myself busy
and stuck it out.
Well done to you too!
And Kerrie and
all the others that waited

*Pats on back*
But I will reserve further judgment
until I see the video!
I thought CGYOOMH was crap
until I saw the video and then
I absolutely loved it!
But instant reaction = Boring,
must try harder.
Thought it was meant to be
Classic Kylie????
At least 2 Hearts had
a bit more bite!
It's totally and utterly divine...
As Louis Walsh on the X Factor might say,
a MILLION per cent yes. :-)
Love it!
Its good on first listen
and utterly great on the 20th listen.
Its lush and smooth
and groovy and mature pop..
love the textures.
Cant wait for the awesome video!
Love it --
it's very euphoric and
I love the sentiment behind it.
Her voice sounds great
not being so high
(a la Wow)
love it~
even my mom love it~
no1 written all over it~
congrat to kylie
m loving it.
Its a grower.....
well after 5 listens anyway.
It will be nice to listen
to drunk in a gay bar.
Love it!
It's so catchy,
it gets stuck in your head
even after the first listen.
My favourite part is when
everything's stripped away
and it's just her voice
and a piano... gorgeous!
now I can say it was very emotive
to listen to the premiere.
Love the track is 100% Kylie.
I'll admit that I was exactly
the same as you Kane.
I hadn't listened and was
a tiny bit worried
that it wouldn't live up to the hype but I
I find it to be sooooooo infectious
and grows with each listen.
The remixes are going to be awesome!
Not bad but
not fantastic either.
It just doesn't soar for me
as I think it should
Great. Love it.
What's the WAWA Mix?
The LQ didn't ruin anything
for me,
I'm still really stoked about the HQ.
they talked so much over it,
but I understand why,
It's like they've taken
the U/K era and extended it.
A great leading single!
Hopefully the video will work its magic and make the song
the huge #1
you all say it is.
Love it,
can't stop playing it!!!
Fab single from our girl!
I don't know if it's the best song from the album,
but IMO
it's great as a lead single.
Again I totally agree with you
but the song needed 2 chosus before the end ..
to keep the momentum...
It's one of the official remixes of the song.
Apparantly it's being premiered
at G-A-Y tomorrow night.
Just plain brilliant.
I love that they have stayed true
to what Kylie does best.
They haven't followed
any trends or borrowed
from what's hot right now...
it's unmistakeably Kylie.
I couldn't imagine anyone else
singing it.
And.....that part straight after the bridge...
is freakin' euphoric pop at it's best.

use and abuse of then part
wen theres almostno sound
and then the music bacK again
with that infectuous synth
But they put it out there
on Parlo's YouTube site to enjoy.
I can't stop playing this song,
so much comes out
each time i hear it, up to 20 ?
times now.
And an image is building in my mind
of the video
thanks to the stills we have seen.
I bet In_the_Mood_for_Love
can say what a killer video it will be.
Don't underestimate Kylie's natural charm.
PS its jsut a song
that makes you want to have
an experience with someone
and share something
with a crowd of people!
First of all,
Tommy, my compliments
for the strikingly beautiful image
of my beloved Gillian Anderson.
I think she is a goddess
and soooo beautiful!
Talking about another goddess,
I am happy we finally
managed to hear
Kylie's new single!!!
The wait is over!!!
I am a bit disappointed,
in the sense that All The Lovers
sounds like I Believe In You's little sister...
A bit like Dannii is to Kylie...
In part it's a good thing,
of course,
since I LOOOOOVE I Believe in You.
Don't get me wrong,
ATL is a great song.
I love the lyrics
(really poignant for a change!)
and the tones in Kylie's voice,
at last she doesn't try too hard
or use her horrible nasal or breathy vocals!
I'm sure I'll grow
to absolutely adore the song,
but it simply doesn't live to
the fucking incredible hype
it received.
It is a very good Kylie song,
back to Light Years gloriousness!
But it's more of the same
and not at all innovative.
The main problem I have
is that it is almost a ballad.
Let's not kid ourselves here,
it is a mid-tempo number
and it's not a hard-core dance song.
I'm sure the remixes will be excellent
and will deliver a much stronger
dancey version of the song, but
at the moment it is not very current.
My favourite Kylie single still remains Confide In Me.
But that was a ballad with a punch:
she really delivered an incredible and
(at the time
absolutely unexpected performance!
All The Lovers is just another
I Believe In You without
the very high and impressive notes.
And unless they speed it up
and add a HUGE bassline,
you can't really dance to it...
So all in all, it's a mixed reaction,
even though I DO like the song a lot.
And it will be massive!
Because it's Kylie.
Strangely enough,
I find so many similarities
with Sophie's Bittersweet:
the same
old-school 80s
melancholic feeling,
same flatness and lack of punch,
same low-register chorus
(no very high notes).
It's funny how most of you slated that song,
when it shares so much with Kylie's new effort!!!
I love it,
but I don't like how it's edited.
I hope this is just the Radio Edit.

end of.

(All text taken from the Say Hey Messageboard, and edited minorly for flow not grammar.)<


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