Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MEAT Screening and Installation May 7

MEAT an installation by Luther Price

Opening Reception Friday May 7, 8:00 – 10:00pm

Louis V E.S.P.

140 Jackson St, #4D Brooklyn, NY 11211

Louis V E.S.P. is excited to announce the installation of MEAT and a screening of the 60‐minute film at 9pm, on May 7th. Meat (1990, 1991) is comprised of film, performance documentation, slide projections and sculptural ephemera in which Boston‐based filmmaker, Luther Price restages a surgical nightmare he endured in the 1986 political uprising in Nicaragua. Shot at close range, his scarred body is a product of that singular traumatic event, repetitive medical routines, and a total revision of self‐consciousness. The single‐channel film is comprised of found surgical footage, gay pornography, performance documents and collage interventions. Luther Price’s work hosts a psychology all its own, a state that the viewer enters into, totally affected by this heart (and gut) wrenching body horror. The project followed Price’s most renowned work, SODOM (1989), an assemblage film that addressed AIDS by juxtaposing gay pornography and biblical catastrophes.

"MEAT is viscerally consuming in its sterile, antiseptic and static giving over of the flesh. Poked, prodded, pinched and disgraced, the humiliated body is sacrificed and the metamorphosis begins ... the fly becomes the shit ... the maggot becomes the bone ... the bone becomes the food ... the food becomes shit and the body becomes the wound ... the institution becomes teeth ... throat and stomach." Luther Price via Canyon Cinema

The installation, organized by Bradford Nordeen, will be accompanied by a complimentary publication of images, illustrations, an essay, and artist writings.


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