Saturday, January 28, 2006


Hold that America! Danish enfant terrible Lars Von Trier has halted his US trilogy. reports, "In Cannes, von Trier announced that he has postponed the final installment of the trilogy, "Washington," intended to be set in the nation's capital during the '40s, saying he needs to wait because "I'm not mature enough" to make it now. "

Let's hope Nicole Kidman's too old to do it by the time he decides he's "mature" enough. Whatever that means.

Also, good old Nic Roeg's at it again! With good old Donald Sutherland to boot. To bad the title of this project is Puffball

Synopsis: This haunting thriller is the story of Liffey and her husband Richard, whose lives are almost destroyed by infidelity, the paranormal and bad weather when they purchase a remote, dilapidated cottage in the English countryside.

Roeg's other new project is the improbable (yet phenomenal sounding) Adina starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Neve Campbell (who has really won me over with her work with Robert Altman)

And speaking of Altman, his A Prairie Home Companion features the unlikely pairing of Lindsay Lohan and Lili Tomlin. Guess Paint, his artworld film is history. Oh well...

Good old Catherine is working on three films. It would seem that Un Vieille Maitress (An Old Mistress) is the first in line. Starring Asia Argento (UGH!!!!!), Louis Garrel (double UGH!!!, though his is rather hot) and Jeanne Moreau, it is "a costume drama based on Barbey D'Aurevilly's 1851 novel Une Vieille Maîtresse (An Old Mistress), the tale of an impoverished aristocrat obsessed by his former mistress." Film two seems to be an adaptation of Henry De Balzac's La Fille Aux Yeux D'Or (The Girl With The Golden Eyes) staring print model Laetitia Casta. And last on the list is a film version of the ancient story of Blue Beard. Breillat told Film Comment that she used to torment her sister with the grisly tale in her youth. The film is to star unknown Isis Eutrope.

And for anyone who cares, our friend Ken Russell has three new movies either ready to go or in pre production. The Hot Pants Trilogy, the revenge Thriller, Kings X, and finally, Charged: The Life of Nikola Tesla.


Blogger J said...

According to the IMDb Von Trier's final installment of his 'America - Land of Oppertunities' is called 'Wasington,' a misspelling of Washington. But still maybe Nicole Kidman might have already killed her career (hello, 'Bewitched!') by the time he decides to make it.

I still find enjoyment in your dislike for Asia Argento, though she's a helluva lot better than Louis Garrel.

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