Thursday, January 19, 2006


Critical Bitch-slaps! Just what we need in this world. Something, anything to wake people up. Or maybe this is just my version of Lindsey Lohan crashing her car and tugging on tara Reid's hair, which is either really sad or much more intellectually stimulating (post highschool Debate class anyone?). I would like to think it's a bit of both. Either way, what fun! While the LAWeekly website needs to get their shit together, in the current tangible issue of the Weekly, our dear co-patriot Scott Foundas has lashed back at our enemy, the still-really-wrong-looking Roger Ebert (what's up, yo?). That's very mean of me. But really, he deserves it FOR BEING SUCH A STUPID PASSIVE LIBERAL. If you will recall my post on "Burn An Effigy Of Roger Ebert Day, " (See right) good old Rodge attempted to cling to his decision that Crash (which I might add placed #1 on my worst of 2005 list) was the best film of last year by ignorantly and simplistically bashing Scott Foundas' apt review of this cinematic disgrace. Well, mister Foundas has published a rebuttal in the new LA Weekly. And what a searing one it is. Put that fool in his place, Scott. NOW IF ONLY LAWEEKLY.COM GOT THEIR SHIT TOGETHER SO THAT I COULD LINK TO YOUR WITTY LETTER TO DEAR ROGER! Instead, I will transcribe my favorite bit. "(To answer your rhetorical question, Roger: If I were carjacked at gunpoint by these two guys, I wouldn't "rise to the occasion with measured detachment and sardonic wit." I'd merely wait for Ashton Kutcher to appear and tell me I'd been punk'd.)" Oh god that's funny. Especially since you're putting it to Fatty (or should I say, Suspectly-No-Longer-Fatty.) I wonder what Rex Reed has to say about all of this?


Blogger J said...

Roger Ebert sure likes to start fights when he's clearly wrong... need I remind you of his hilarious tussle with Vincent Gallo.

12:31 AM  
Blogger J said...

Ebert also looks postively frightening in that photo.

4:57 AM  

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