Friday, January 27, 2006

Vive le livre!

If there's anyone else out there who is as great an endorser of Catherine Breillat's most recent offering, Anatomy of Hell, as myself, rejoice in knowing that on Monday of next week (that would be January 30), the novel on which the film is based, Pornocratie or (translated into the American title) Pornocracy shall finally hit U.S. book stores. Hopefully, if anyone reads it, this will dispel the notion that Breillat is merely a provocateur. She is a great literary power, and, seeing as only one of her titles, A Man For The Asking, has been translated into English - in 1969 no less, we on this side of the globe, would have no way of knowing it. Now, however, we can. And will! You could order it online here


Blogger J said...

Even for those who can read French, Breillat's works, subject matter aside, are incredibly difficult to decipher.

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