Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Celebratory Sounds Abound

It's hard to believe, but Being Boring has been live for 5 years today. I started this page straight out of undergrad, as a vehicle to promote regular writing, to keep a log of my regular viewing and thoughts. Funny things happen when you keep a space as long as this. You get older, better (one hopes), while people continue to comment on older posts, deriding you for your pugnaciousness, youth, bad taste. They hurl insults at you in comments that sound aggressive and mean-spirited, but, with time as a poignant buffer, you can do nothing but completely agree with them! I love pouring over old criticisms. About a year ago, I changed the format of Being Boring so it is more of the moment, rather than the original, encyclopedic review format. So, on this fifth birthday, I wanted to share the best thing that has come out of Being Boring.

For this week, I will be offering my 2008 book, Fever Pitch as a free e-book download since it was born out of various immediate, Being Boring posts that seemed worthy of expansion. As one does, I've kind of grown against the book; I'll only stand by the first half of the essays included. But, like this blog, I'm proud that Fever Pitch captures a moment. A personal moment, of my progress as a writer and thinker. This book was published before moving to London and continuing my studies. But, I like to think that Fever Pitch also captures a cultural moment. Thanks for reading and don't stop. There's already lots in development for 2011!

[Click the cover to download Fever Pitch]


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