Monday, November 15, 2010

Various Updatedness

Consider this a revamp. Being Boring will soon be changing form. More a platform for culture and ideas than encyclopedic, check in for daily musings and leave with a nugget or two.

Today, I have slight bits of news to report. One of which being a lovely surprise which I discovered when putting my 'All the Lovers' 7" picture disc single on for the first time. I forgot to switch my player to 45 from 33 1/3 and came up with a new wave goth version of Kylie's recent hit.

In more pressing news, I will be reading a Cookie Mueller inspired piece called 'Schooled' at this month's Brother, My Lover. And by Cookie Mueller-inspired, I guess I mean, I-was-reading-CM-and-thought, "gosh, why don't I have cool life stories to report like Cookie's" and-then-thought, "well, there was that one time..." 'Schooled' is an art school farce about group sex and black face. NP Contemporary Art Center 131 Chrystie Street Friday, November 19th, 8 - 10PM.

Until then...


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