Friday, June 23, 2006

Festival Fun

So, I'll be covering a handful of titles during the LA Film Fest screenings (whatever I could squeeze on my modest budget). Right now, you can expect a review of the British horror film The Descent which has received rave reviews and built up a cult following in the year since it was released in its native land. Then, there's the new Leonard Cohen doco which has taken quite a while to get from cutting room floor to the big screen Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. And in keeping, I am thrilled to be in attendance at the LA premier of Jack Smith And The Destruction Of Atlantis, a new documentary about the little known grandfather of Camp (he would hate that moniker). Following the 25th anniversary and publishing of numerous volumes of bio's and letters, Jonestown: The Life and Death of People's Temple arrives at an interesting time. As does Brothers Of The Head which apparently breathes life into the pseudo-doco genre in this tale of conjoined twins who become punk rock legends. Finally(and not in conjunction with LAFF, but with OutFest - more to come on that), I will see the long awaited big screen incarnation of Gerri and the gang from the short-lived but hellaciously funny Strangers With Candy. There may be more depending on my schedule. But keep checking in for reviews on these films and perhaps more!


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