Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Death and Dishonored

"Do you have a looking glass?" The Officer unsheathes his sword so that she may fix her hair in its reflection. "Will this do?" Ah Marlene. This seldom mentioned jewel even passed me by, until now. It is the only V.S./Dietrich film not on R1 DVD in one form or another(there's at least a bootleg of Shanghai Express). But do not be fooled, this is the team at their most masochistic. Well, this and Scarlet Empress, but that's another post entirely. In this one, she's a spy. X-27. She's in love with the most unbelievable man. So unlovable. And since she's a woman, she's gotta die. But boy does she die! This is not the insinuated, glossed over death of Morocco (which might not be a death, though you know it is). You see her fired upon. Hit. Of course, perhaps I shouldn't be telling you this. The glutton in you wants her to live. Even the lieutenant won't let them fire on her. She points those eyes at him. Those eyes. With a smile that rivals her victory smile in Scarlet Empress she goes to her death in Dishonored. She wants her death. It is a glamorous one. But really, it is a moment of high drama for Dietrich. The last moment of some fictitious wench's life is golden ground for the team, and they use it. They use it for its intensity and its sobriety, as she dies just like anyone else, gets hit by the bullets and falls flat in the oh, so white snow. Dead.


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