Monday, April 24, 2006

On DVD this week!

Indie Week!

Michelangelo Antonioni's "masterpiece," The Passenger FINALLY gets distribution today. I am really not a fan of Antonioni's work, though people I respect have told me, repeatedly, how much I should be. To no avail. Perhaps this lovely DVD will change my mind.*

Steve Martin's Shopgirl lands on DVD shelves. Here's hoping that there's a DVD function that removes Jason Schwartzman from the film entirely.*

Also, Woody Allen's latest film, Match Point, which was mostly celebrated by critics, though this reviewer called it "one long tedious picture" upon its theatrical release. Maybe extra features will make the film all the more enjoyable.*

Claire Denis' visually delerious and contentially perplexing The Intruder marks one of the final releases by the now defunct Wellspring distribution company. Putting the most though-provoking films in theaters over the past few years, Wellspring's absence will assurably be felt. Maybe this DVD will sell so well, the Wientstien company (who bought out the company) will restart Wellspring.*

Deserving props merely for packaging purposes, The Emilio Miraglia Killer Queen Box Set comes with a little action figure of the killer Queen. The movies sound pretty attrocious, but who knows...*

Take your pick from the countless "Editions," "Extended cut," and "Director's Cuts" that flood the DVD racks in hope of raking in mad cash in hope people will thing that since it is longer, it will be much better.*

Oh, and rather unworthy of mention, we find a plethora of big budget DVDs out today. Having only seen one of them, perhaps I have spoken too soon.*

*probably not


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