Monday, March 20, 2006

New In Theaters and on DVD 3/21!!!

Out in theaters, I am really looking forward to The Inside Man just so I can watch the most earnest comedically deprived actors in Hollywood stumble around seriously trying to earnestly do whatever it is that they are meant to gravely do with the most determined, somber and sober face as has ever been rendered on screen. Watch this one like a comedy. That's how I went into Flightplan and boy, did I have a good time! Watching a constipated Jody Foster running around unhumorously was one of the funniest things I did last year. This one proves to be Flightplan times three.

Released on DVD this week, Lodge Kerrigan's surprisingly poignant Keane begins rather poorly, but by the end of the film, you discover a lovely, multi-faceted exploration of loss. The film landed at the bottom of my "Best of 2005" list, and is certainly worth the price of the DVD, or at least the price of a rental. Kerrigan shot an entirely different film starring Peter Saarsgard, but when the negative was irreparably damaged, Kerrigan decided to exact a more honed and quiet film (with obviously a more "honed" budget). Keane is the impressive result.

Also, The Squid and the Whale finds its way onto video store shelves. This was one of those films that I deemed unworthy of cinema viewing, i.e. I fork out my money for movies that MUST be seen on the silver screen to get the full gist of it. I figured I wouldn't be missing out much, waiting until video for this seemingly character based film. So now I can finally watch it. Maybe you will, too.

Also on DVD this week, Capote (which I take great joy in dropping the e so it sounds more like compote), the relentlessly limp Derailed, the even limper Chicken Little, Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story starring, as my friend calls her, the foetus, which seeks to legitimize itself with it's atrociously extraneous title, and a few others that I find so bad or am morally opposed to mentioning.

On the gay front, both the good at heart and well cast travestyThe Dying Gaul and the Grecian film that sells itself as a melodramatic black comedy, Blackmail Boy which I have not seen. Perhaps I will. Perhaps not.

There's a fantastic sounding old TV show coming out on DVD called The Flying Nun which sounds at least worth a look.


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