Monday, December 19, 2005

Pick of the Day 12/19...

Because of similarities in attitude and genre, the pick of the day is Paul Schrader's remake of Tourneur's CAT PEOPLE starring Nastassia Kinski. This is one of my all time favorite films. It is the greatest example of a trend in eighties cinema of what I like to call the Womanimal. Might I also recomend rewatching it with the Paul Schrader commentary. IT is a different era of cinema entirely. You can hear Schrader whine (he sounds frighteningly like Paul Morrissey - the world's biggest whiner) about how he died mountain lions black to make them look like leopards or how they tethered these cats to the tree, watching one fall off the tree and almost hang itself. He claims they made the orange desert then had to remake it because he matter-of-factly states, "the orange dye was toxic." On a burned forest, "Oh yeah, we burned that."


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